Wyvis Roofing provide professional slate roofing services for domestic and commercial properties. Roof slates are a natural product that balances durability with sustainability that makes them a viable product for most pitched roofing projects.

Roofing slates are a natural product, constructed from naturally occurring slate deposits. Slate roofs are a beautiful addition to any property, with a visually appealing finish and good uniformity they can produce an aesthetically appealing finish to your dwelling without sacrificing exceptional durability and affordability. All of our roof slates are sustainably sourced, making slate roofs a great choice for a variety of eco-build properties. Our expert tradesmen have worked with slate for many years, crafting bespoke roofs of all shapes and sizes across the Highlands, Islands, Grampian and Perthshire. 

Wyvis Roofing can advise and guide you on the use of slate in your roofing project as well as undertake the slating of your roof, many of which have extensive warranties and lifespans. We maintain close relationships with a number of suppliers, which affords us an enviable range of products that our customers can choose from when slating their roofs with Wyvis Roofing.


As well as natural slates, Wyvis Roofing can source and provide man-made and reconstituted slate products.  Wyvis Roofing embrace and remain apprised on new technology and products available in the roofing and construction industries, which is how we always propose the best solution for your individual requirements.


Contact Wyvis Roofing today to talk to the team about your proposed roofing project. We offer an initial consultation and estimation service, chatting through your requirements and giving you the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge in choosing the right roofing solution for your project. Contact us today on the enquiry form below or call us on 01463 718653.

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