Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are an exceptional method for additional, functional space to your building. Wyvis Roofing are specialists at transforming roofing space to usable spaces, ideal for scenic lookouts, breakfast terraces, roof gardens, entertaining spaces and much more. We can design, plan & work with architects to advise on how to turn previously wasted traditional roof spaces into functional additions to your building or homes living space.

Every flat roof we build is backed by industry leading guarantees, all with extended warranties – providing you peace of mind that are a truly durable and reliable alternative to traditional roofing configurations.  

Helping to Accommodate Solar

Flat roofing is also ideal when building solar and renewable energy into your building plans. A purpose built platform for solar or photovoltaic cells can help to maximise their effectiveness, providing unrestricted views to the sky for the greatest sun exposures throughout daytime hours. Inspection, maintenance & repair is also vastly easier when access is improved by not having to negotiate roof pitches, especially on harder to reach roofs including those above certain heights.

Planning Around Restrictions

Flat roofing also brings overall building heights down by eliminating pitch heights. Planning constraints around building height, obstructions and dimensions limitations can all be navigated in a vast majority of cases by opting for flat roofing systems over traditional roofs. We can work alongside your architect to present roofing options that meet planning criteria to help move your project through the application & build processes.

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